• Samsung Note 5
  • Samsung Note 5
Samsung Note 5


$39.95 USD
$39.95 USD

  • 日本生产的高品质/高强度钢化玻璃
  • 9H的硬度所提供的优越耐刮擦性
  • 防油防指纹涂层
  • 蓝光眼睛保护
  • 超薄 (iPhone: 0.2毫米, 其他所有:0.3毫米)
  • 3D触控兼容/精密触摸

Samsung Note 5
360 degree protection

A soft rubberized screen surround and rear skid pads provide 360 degree protection from scratches and abrasions.

easy access

With over sized tactile buttons, generous ports and a low profile design that slips in and out of your pocket, access is always easy.

impact resistant

Our patented Composite design fuses a hard outer shell with a soft impact resistant core. The unique shape of the case also provides structural rigidity.

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